This particular tent is a multi-purpose tent used as a store and also as a makeshift hospital...

Store Frame Tents

Heavy duty winter tent. Suitable for longer use even in extreme weather conditions. Made from Cotton Canvas Waterproof 600 gms per square meter natural white or olive green.

Marquee G.S Tent

This is a popular tent among the armies of the world by its ability to provide versatile accommodation units. The tent is available in both singlefly and doublefly versions.

Standard Marquee Tents

Heavy duty group tent ideal for accomodation/ storage / Hospital or general use. This is an economical version of the Marquee Universal tent in which the roof is made in one piece instead of sections.

G.P Tent

This General Purpose Tent can be used for various purposes. It can be used as a hospital, storage or dispensary tent. Made from Cotton Canvas 500 gms per square meter natural white or olive green. Waterproof and Rotproof.